Welcome to the Ch|Or|chester

Brief Overview


Ch|Or|chester of the Bürger-Sänger-Zunft München (BSZ) is a registered non-profit guild with more than 140 members that make up an orchestra and a mixed choir. All our musicians hold amateur status and perform mainly famous classical works. These are then rehearsed and presented in various Munich concert halls.



Bürger-Sänger-Zunft has two main concert productions during the year, one in the spring and the second in the autumn. In addition, a selected group of musicians perform a particular church concert once a year. We also play or sing in local institutions such as senior citizen homes or day care centers and once in a while private concerts are given for special occasions.



Bürger-Sänger-Zunft is a singers' guild with its own accompanying orchestra, whose aim it is to enhance the cultural life of Munich's residents.

Our Governing Board consists currently of 7 male and female members who are responsible for the general running of the guild. Five of the Board members are elected as directors who represent the guild both internally and externally.


Board of Directors:

Dr. Reinhold Bader, Angela Reißlöhner, Elisabeth Genth, Annabel Blanck.


Musical Director:

Clara Suckart


Membership Fee: €120 p.a. Special conditions for students and apprentices.



Further events of the Bürger-Sänger-Zunft are the annual foundation ceremony and special anniversary parties (like our 175th anniversary in 2015).



Twice a year our newsletter is published, with all that is going on in the Bürger-Sänger-Zunft. This publication is called „The Merker“ and is available in the reading room of the Bavarian National Library.